About me

Born in Salzburg in 1955
Married since 1989, two sons

Studies of Historical Sciences and English at the University of Salzburg (MA PH)
Professional teaching in grammar school for 13 years
Since 1993 in private practice as a psychotherapist, couples therapist, coach, adviser, supervisor.

Group Dynamics (ÖAGG) (www.oeagg.at)
Bioenergetic Analysis (DÖK) (www.bioenergetische-analyse.org)
Imago couples therapy (IGÖ, IRI, New York) (www.imago-relationships.org)
Tikkun relational coaching (Schleifer&Associates, Florida, USA) (www.hedyyumi.com)
Systemic coaching (MOC, European Training Academy (www.esba.eu)
Gestalt Therapy (www.gestalttherapie.at)
Client-centered psychotherapy (www.oeagg.at)
3-year-Master-Class-Training in Washington DC.
(Master Class in Encounter-centered Couples Therapy – EcCT – at the Tikkun Learning Center by Hedy and Yumi Schleifer) (www.hedyyumi.com)