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Welcome on my site.

As I also offer sessions in English I provide an English version of my site.


Since 1993 I have been working in private practice as a psychotherapist, couples  therapist, adviser, coach and supervisor.


Meanwhile I have specialized on

  • couples

  • constructive closure

  • generation dialogues

  • sibling dialogue


My profession simultaneously is my vocation and I still love sharing my knowledge and my life experience as a professional with other people.


My work has been especially formed by my fundamental training in Bioenergetic Analysis, which is an analytic bodytherapy, based on Freud, Reich and Alexander Lowen. Therefore my focus is always on the analytic aspect.


My conviction is:

When we become conscious of the historical interrelation and coherence of our biography - when we see how our history makes sense and shapes our lives today - we can develop a natural and healthy self-assurance and self-confidence about our choices – also in our relationships.



Marianne Kunz

Licenced psychotherapist

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