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Siblings Dialogue

created by Sabine and Roland Bösel, Vienna


2 grown-up siblings


2 consecutive days



Even if siblings the same parents each of them has his/her very individual experiences and his/her own history. Every child is born into another time with and has an individual basic temperament. Thus, every sibling perceives all members of the family differently. Moreover, ranking, gender, etc. play an additional role and consequently affect all the family relationships, that are worth becoming conscious of.


Basically and naturally, every human being desires to support his/her brother or sister and to be equal, live and grow in connection with each other.

These basic desires are frequently disturb by misunderstandings, subjectively felt injustice and by conflicts, which can motivate siblings going in for a deepening process in order to reestablish balance and connection between them.



I recommend these dialogues for siblings


  • who want to enhance and intensify their relationship

  • who want to develop new clarities, which influences all other family relationships

  • who want to express what is close to their hearts

  • who want to learn a new listening in order to understand more deeply heir sibling’s behaviour. Through mutual understanding conflicts can be clarified, which is a new base for an appreciative connection.

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