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created by Sabine and Roland Bösel, Vienna

The history of the parents is the book the children read in.

We are born in connection, we are hurt in connection and
we can heal in connection. (Hedy Schleifer)

Our relationship to our parents during our childhood with all
nourishing and hurtful experiences leaves its mark on our
physical as well as emotional development and makes us the
personality we are.
Many of the hurtful experiences are passed on (unconsciously)
from generation to generation and damage the parent-child-

In the Generation Dialogues a parent and an adult child meet each other.
In deepening, conscious dialogues the generation couple reflect on their common history and its various enriching as well as hurtful sides and taboo subjects.


I recommend these dialogues for generation couples

  • who want to enhance and intensify their loving relationship

  • who want to appreciate the positive aspects of their relationship

  • who want to explore the aspects where they feel stuck

  • who want to express what is close to their hearts.

  • who want to reappraise the past, to clarify misunderstandings and to make peace.

  • who want to lighten their load and create a new living space for the upcoming    generations.

Generation Dialogues

released into life

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