If you want to meet me before an intensive, you can book a

2 hours' session to get a feeling for me as a person and my work.

Thus couples usually can make a clear decision if they want to

go in for the intensive work (2 successive days).
The process is individually coordinated and designed for your
specific needs.


I recommend this work for couples

  • who want to rapidly get to new levels of consciousness
    through deep encounter

  • who want to get a deep insight into the essential roots of
    their conflicts

  • who want to be reconnected on a deeper and safer basis

  • who want to experience a new understanding on a cognitive level as well as a new
    empathic connection on an emotional level

  • who want to experience an extraordinarily intense adventure

  • who feel stuck in a difficult/traumatic crisis - e.g. after an affair (special concept - "healing after an affair")

  • who want to separate in a constructive way

  • who want to stay present as appreciative parents after their separation as a couple